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Dec 9, 2012 7:00pm EST
was oversold. gracia marks who was wiped out listened to the insiders said he could be a a result of being stupid but the people that worked as the brokers had to have known that it was coming. kennedy knew that was coming and got out. >> [inaudible] his marriage to rose kennedy and to the article royalty of the irish power in washington and i have a story that you may or may not know one of my mother's friends grew up in palm beach and she would be about 95 if she were still alive now get a there was a time when she stayed home and everyone in palm beach shunned her but bobby kennedy came in and sit our fathers said we are about to play with you if >> i wish you told me that before. yeah, it rings true. it makes sense, it makes perfect sense because nobody liked it. the kennedys in palm beach now, and kennedy had that time said the hell with it. we will make our own way, and we did. he did his own entertaining it in his own house when he went to bradley's which was the casino she claimed had the best food in palm beach. the question is did kennedy married rose fitzgerald because she was t
Dec 27, 2012 11:00pm EST
of the fantastic life and madeleine had these greater ambitions. her role model was bette davis gracia wanted to be sophisticated, and the moment she stood up, she wanted to have a great relationship. incredibly dependable. and she rose to the office of vice president at a bank in hawaii. president obama, when i interviewed him, described him as a madman, which i find really interesting. his grandmother went from being a secretary to a higher role. it wasn't always easy in that family. but he never felt unloved by either of them. he was really adored, even though he was troubled in other ways. and madeleine was always there for him, even though she was not a very emotional person. but she was the dependable pragmatic one. >> host: last hour and a half we have been talking with david maraniss. author of "barack obama: the story." this is his 10th book. it's your turn if you'd like to call in or e-mail. the numbers are up on the screen. booktv at and twitter handle is we will begin taking those in just a few minutes. in your book, you reference dreams from my fath
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2